Original features in vintage cars can raise price

Original features in vintage cars can raise price

Used car buyers have been advised that having original features in a vintage car could increase the asking price.

While many people keen to sell a car for cash may be tempted to update certain parts of it to attract interest, by leaving the automobile with the same machinery that it left the factory with, they could find it is worth more.

The issue came up when a limited edition, black and silver T-top 1978 Corvette went on sale with just 13 miles on the clock, having been stored in a barn for 25 years, according to Mail Online.

Industry experts told the news provider that the original features will boost its resell value. Current owner Mike Milian agrees, saying he hopes to fetch around $50,000 for the vehicle.

"The car had everything original, even the battery, and it fired right up. The window sticker is on it. Everything from 1978. And it's even got some rare options, which was the CB radio," he remarked.

CorvetteBlogger.com explained that the original owner had bought the car as an investment, which is why he chose not to drive it. He recently realised that he was short of money, so he sold the vintage vehicle to his friend Bud Schoenleben, who cashed in on its novelty by selling to Mr Milian.

At the time the car was launched, Corvette was celebrating its 25th anniversary and it was a popular choice for investors to put their money into such assets, particularly after the Wall Street Journal published a picture of the model on its front page on March 27th 1978.

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