Does calling your vintage Jaguar a BLOODY B**** fix the problem?

A typical "Bloody B**** Breakdown". Out in the middle of nowhere a small copper pipe decided to break off spewing and spilling out motor oil all over the highway. Notice the trail of oil which on that day extended well over a mile.

Video courtesy of Mad Dog Rallying

I'm sure you all know what I mean. It happens to the best of us. Out of the blue "the little darling" decides to throw a tantrum either by conking out, not starting or some unexpected mechanical failure that makes "her" inoperable. In my case, as soon as that happens, my Jag takes on a feminine aspect. A little bit like a mermaid, half car, half female. At which point the words "Bloody B****" come to mind and are repeated with great frequency. I must admit that those two words NEVER solved the problem. Then a friend mentioned to me that the correct approach was to use Shakespearean language on her as "Bloody B****" was not the appropriate language to be used on a lady. Lo and behold I discovered that my friend was right. Our beloved Jags much prefer and occasionally will respond to the language of Shakespeare far more often than the words B.B. I suggest to all Jaguar owners reading this post to print and keep a copy of the best Shakespearean language in their glove compartment. Click on the link below for this extraordinary fix that generates such flowery language that will occasionally woo these beautiful British ladies wenches, vixens "damsels in distress" into self-repair. Spread the word It might just help you and others to get back on the road.

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