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curious day at the track

Last weekend I attended a race at TWS. I arrived with some concern. As a result of my previous blogs One of which found it's way to print. I had heard from others that some folks in the club were unhappy with my blogs. When I arrived I found a number of friends who were very supportive of what I had posted. I did find a few who would not talk to or look at me.

While I was standing around a sprite I once owned, a guy who is a sprite racer and builder from way back looked closely at the… Continue

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ruffling feathers

Seems as though one of my previous blogs found it's way into print and ruffled some feathers in the vintage group that I am a member of. I have just received some copies of e-mails sent to other members who have then sent them to others who then sent them to others and so on and so on till they found their way to me. Some of the things noted in the e-mails were interesting. Basically I have been called a liar or worse.

I did not mention any names in my blog. I did not accuse any one person… Continue

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Just when does a racecar become vintage anyway?

The question has come up asking when is a racecar considered vintage anyway? I am looking for what other folks think in this regard. A friend from the San Antonio area said it becomes vintage when it stops being competitive in whatever venue it races. That is a very interesting view. It has a lot of merit. I bet there are a lot of dust covered cars parked in storage of one sort or another that are very close to being scrapped. A car like that might get to the point of not having a good supply… Continue

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How to crash a vintage car and make people not notice

Have you even heard of the blame rule that says" no one is looking at you as long as you are pointing at someone else." ? Sometimes when a driver, and I use that term loosely, runs out of talent, he or she will not want to admit that lack of talent was involved. Lot's of things tend to pop up in the blame department. " I had the sun in my eyes, I have new tires, I have old tires, The mechanic reset the shocks, It was the other guy who did something, cut me off," etc. etc. feel in the blank. I… Continue

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a new club for vintage racing with a twist

Funny how when I wrote the last series of blogs I heard from a number of racers that were in fact looking for a place to race their pre 1990 cars. As a result they are talking about getting together and taking a serious look at insurance, and cost of doing a racing club that falls somewhere between strict vintage and an SCCA type deal. The discussion has moved to a what if and where stage. I am just listening to what is happening. I was not aware that there were this many guys are out there in… Continue

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how to kill a vintage racing club

I belong to a pretty successful vintage organization in Texas. I have done so since around 1995 give or take a year. For many of the early years it was a "run what ya brung group" it was lots of fun. In the past few years there has been a push to remove the "non vintage" cars like, reproduction Lotus 7's, 11's and other car of that nature. This is all good if the intent is to have really vintage club. The problem here is that the rules that are supposed to be followed are not.

The club… Continue

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board member election for CVAR

It might be a good time for those in CVAR who may or may not be happy with how things are in the club, to elect someone for whatever position you are unhappy about. I am sure some new blood or old blood is due for some positions. Heck I might even run for a position on the board. Don't just rubber stamp the members. That would be kinda like voting the same old boys into the Kremlin. Just make sure of two things, first make sure the person you want will do it, second make sure that they can get… Continue

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